Standing Up For Hips + Knees 

Hear about the latest evidence-based treatment and management for hip and knee osteoarthritis (OA).

The Physio Clinic frequently present one hour Q&A sessions for people living with hip or knee pain associated with OA. At these events. hospital and clinical staff discuss new treatments, GP guidelines based on latest research, options to consider prior to surgery, plus more… Read more

Pilates and PHI Insurance Reform Update

We’d like to inform our valued clients that from 1 April 2019 our Clinical Pilates service will be classified as Physio Exercise Classes.

This is due to recent Federal Government decisions that affect Private Health Insurance rebates for natural therapies. From 1 April 2019, Pilates will no longer be eligible for rebates. Read more

Once again another year is rapidly coming to an end and it’s the perfect time to review, learn and grow from our experiences.

We started the year with a big announcement by taking up the opportunity to purchase an existing physio practice in Blackwood and merging our Belair clinic into the newly refurbished Blackwood clinic. This move required a lot of intense discussions over a very short period and it was pleasing to see the results come to fruition.

The Physio Clinic is proud to now be a part of the thriving Blackwood community. Read more

Neurological physiotherapist, Vestibular physiotherapist, PhD, academic, researcher, director – just who exactly is Michelle McDonnell?

You might be forgiven for thinking that I can’t make up my mind, for I have had so many different roles in my 22 years as a physio. Well, the truth is that I have explored many of the options that a career in physiotherapy has to offer and this year I have returned to where it all began… Read more

It has become the ‘norm’ in our modern world to have a busy schedule and a never ending to-do list! When we try to squeeze in too much, too often, our health can easily be overlooked. It is no surprise that lifestyle has a big influence on back pain!

The prevalence of injuries caused by overuse, rushing and repetitive movements has started to increase… Making time to look after your back doesn’t need to be another task, it can be used as a break or pause moment in our busy schedules… Read more

The hip is a ball and socket joint and with severe OA and functional limitations, an Orthopaedic Surgeon may suggest a total hip replacement if conservative measures have not been successful.

With any surgery, there is potential for complications and dislocation of a new hip is possible. During a combination of certain movements, the ball may exit the socket causing the hip to dislocate.

According to Dargel et al. (2014), the incidence of hip dislocations varies between 0.2% to 10% per year for a first-time hip replacement. Read more

Wanting to “tone up” seems to be a common wish approaching the summer season, but what does this term really mean?

Toning up refers to muscle definition, easily seen in body areas such as shoulders, arms, abdominals and legs that contribute to a defined physique.

To achieve this, the body needs to increase muscle tissue and decrease fat tissue to see the muscles underneath! This requires regular physical activity and exercise on most days of the week, and changes to diet. Read more

About Chrissy Mantis

Chrissy graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy from Flinders University in 2016. She primarily works at The Physio Clinic in Prospect and Toorak Gardens, as well as in the hospital setting at Burnside Hospital.

Chrissy has a special interest in musculoskeletal injuries and orthopaedic physiotherapy. She has additional training in dry needling and also instructs Pilates and Hydrotherapy. Read more

Did you know that the latest research reveals that a physiotherapist is the best person to see FIRST for advice and treatment.

You may not need an x-ray or medication to begin with and you do not need to wait for your GP to refer you.

A physiotherapist is a health professional trained in assessing, diagnosing, treating and preventing a wide range of movement disorders and health conditions, including osteoarthritis. Physiotherapy helps reduce stiffness and pain, increase mobility and improve quality of life and the great news is that science strongly supports this. Read more