So you’ve had a scan and there is a lengthy list of reported findings, but what does this actually mean for you?

Old age, health problem and people concept – senior woman suffering from pain in leg at home. Senior woman holding her foot with pain.

Okay, some stats to begin..

Some recent studies investigating pain-free people across the life-span found that indeed signs of degeneration or pathology were seen in a considerable number of these subjects. 

For example of these pain-free subjects:

  • 62% had knee cartilage lesions & 48% had meniscus lesions
  • 87.6% had disc bulges in the cervical spine (neck)
  • Evidence of disc degeneration in the lumbar spine (low back) was seen at roughly 20% greater than the given age group starting from the 20’s with 37%, 30’s with 52%, 40’s with 68% then a steep increase from the 5th decade with signs in 80% up to 96% in the 8th decade.
  • Evidence of disc bulges & facet joint degeneration in the lumbar spine also had similar patterns seen at roughly 10% greater than the given age group starting from the 20’s (i.e. 30% in the 20’s etc).
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Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative condition that occurs due to changes to an area in the brain called the basal ganglia. The main function of the basal ganglia is initiating and coordinating movement. Parkinson’s disease is often characterised by slowness of movement, difficulty initiating movement, flexed posture, smaller steps, freezing or slowness in walking, difficulty multitasking and reduced balance. Due to these symptoms, individuals living with Parkinson’s Disease often find everyday activities more difficult and experience reduced independence.

Medical and surgical interventions continue to develop in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. However, despite these treatments, people’s symptoms gradually progress due to the degenerative nature of the condition. 

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You’ve probably heard of the term rehabilitation. In essence, it is what physiotherapists do!  We get you back doing the things you love following an injury or surgery. But did you know that prehabilitation in the lead up to the sporting season or surgery is just as important?

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