The Physio Clinic is a Registered NDIS Provider of physiotherapy and exercise physiology services. We have over 20 years of experience working with people with disabilities, and are passionate about working with clients and their families towards their goals. 

What is the NDIS?

The NDIS helps to provide funding for people under the age of 65 with permanent and significant disabilities to access to the reasonable and necessary supports needed to perform everyday tasks, work, study and access the community.

More information is available from the NDIS website: www.ndis.gov.au/about-us

People with disability aged over 65 are not eligible for NDIS funding, but can receive supports via from the government agency MyAgedCare: www.myagedcare.gov.au/

How The Physio Clinic can help you access NDIS funding?

If you are an NDIS participant, you may have funding available in your plan that enables you to access physiotherapy or exercise physiology services. You do not need a referral to access these services. The Physio Clinic is able to provide services to all NDIS participants; plan-managed, self-managed and agency-managed. 

What do we offer?We are proud to offer an experienced team of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists who offer expertise in vestibular, neurological, developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities. Our team offer services including: 

  • Assessments of function
  • Assistive technology prescription and fitting 
  • Exercise prescription 
  • Assistance with symptomatic management (eg., for pain, fatigue, spasticity and muscle tension)
  • Targeted vestibular rehabilitation
  • Hands-on physiotherapy treatment
  • Play-based therapy 
  • Hydrotherapy 
  • Home visits
  • Liaison with other therapists/family/service providers
  • Advocacy/reporting 
  • Group exercise (gym and pool based)

All services are tailored to the individual following a comprehensive initial assessment, ensuring they are working towards your NDIS and personal goals.

If you require further information, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly admin team on 8342 1233, or book today via our website. 

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