What is Hydrotherapy?

Water based exercise under close Physio supervision. We use an indoor heated pool with shallow depths and step entry so non-swimmers can participate.

Water buoyancy enables a safe environment for low impact exercise and greater pain free movement. The water also provides a resistance ideal for muscle strengthening and increasing your flexibility.

If you struggle to exercise effectively on land due to pain, injury, poor balance or weakness then hydrotherapy can be very useful. Even if you just want to increase your fitness, our physiotherapists can show you a range of safe and challenging exercises to get the most out of your pool session.

What are the potential benefits of Hydrotherapy?

  • Recover quicker from surgery
  • Relieve arthritis and joint aches
  • Return to work, sport & life faster

What’s on offer?

Our sessions are run by trained Aquatic Physiotherapists, who will provide individual exercises tailored to your goals and abilities. Talk to our friendly staff regarding specific weekly class times and the close-by pools that we use across metropolitan Adelaide.

Individual Classes

Individual hydrotherapy sessions may be available with our physiotherapists. These may be appropriate if you require increased supervision in the pool environment. Please enquire with our team to find out more.

Group Classes

Group classes run for 30 minutes with a maximum of six people.

Our trained Aquatic Physiotherapists provide close supervision and guidance with your tailored exercise program to help achieve your goals.

For your convenience, we have three sites that we use for individual and group hydrotherapy:

• The Repat (Daw Park)
•  Adelaide Hydrotherapy (Welland)
•  Findon Swim School (Kidman Park)


Hydrotherapy Timetable

Phone our friendly admin staff today on 8342 1233

The Physio Clinic has three locations surrounding Adelaide, South Australia.

Available at the following clinics