We’re proud of the team we have brought together over the years. Find out more about their roles, qualifications and what motivates them to bring you the very best in physiotherapy.

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Ben Corso - Director, Senior Physiotherapist
Ben Corso
Director, Senior Physiotherapist, Blackwood, Marryatville & Prospect
Natalie Bukojemski - Blackwood Team Leader, Senior Physiotherapist
Natalie Bukojemski
Blackwood Team Leader, Senior Physiotherapist, Blackwood
Lauren Swan - Prospect Team Leader, Senior Physiotherapist
Lauren Swan
Prospect Team Leader, Senior Physiotherapist, Prospect
Angela Zerella - Marryatville Team Leader, Senior Physiotherapist
Angela Zerella
Marryatville Team Leader, Senior Physiotherapist, Marryatville
Kate Seeliger - Neurological & Vestibular Physiotherapist / Team Leader
Kate Seeliger
Neurological & Vestibular Physiotherapist / Team Leader, Blackwood & Prospect
Nathan Wilson - Physiotherapist / Hospital Coordinator
Nathan Wilson
Physiotherapist / Hospital Coordinator
Tien Nguyen - Senior Physiotherapist
Tien Nguyen
Senior Physiotherapist, Prospect
Alistair Hayes - Senior Physiotherapist
Alistair Hayes
Senior Physiotherapist, Blackwood
Cathy Pattison - Senior Physiotherapist
Cathy Pattison
Senior Physiotherapist, Prospect
Urvashi Chhabria - Senior Physiotherapist
Urvashi Chhabria
Senior Physiotherapist, Blackwood
Andrew Tran - Senior Physiotherapist
Andrew Tran
Senior Physiotherapist, Prospect
Chrissy Mantis - Senior Physiotherapist
Chrissy Mantis
Senior Physiotherapist, Marryatville
Claudia Neubauer - Senior Physiotherapist
Claudia Neubauer
Senior Physiotherapist, Prospect
Samantha Geake
Physiotherapist (Neurological & Vestibular Team), Blackwood
Bella Moon - Physiotherapist (Hospital & Rehabilitation/Neurological Team)
Bella Moon
Physiotherapist (Hospital & Rehabilitation/Neurological Team), Prospect
Sue Gibson - Paediatric Physiotherapist
Sue Gibson
Paediatric Physiotherapist, Blackwood, Marryatville & Prospect
Maddie Dal Corobbo - Physiotherapist (Paediatric Team)
Maddie Dal Corobbo
Physiotherapist (Paediatric Team), Prospect & Blackwood
Alicia Brown - Physiotherapist (Paediatric Team)
Alicia Brown
Physiotherapist (Paediatric Team), Prospect & Blackwood
Ben Barratt - Physiotherapist (Paediatric & Neurological Team)
Ben Barratt
Physiotherapist (Paediatric & Neurological Team), Prospect
Hannah Pridham - Physiotherapist
Hannah Pridham
Physiotherapist, Blackwood
Hayley Johns - Physiotherapist
Hayley Johns
Physiotherapist, Marryatville
Kayla Han - Physiotherapist
Kayla Han
Physiotherapist, Blackwood
Jacob Spencer - Physiotherapist
Jacob Spencer
Physiotherapist, Blackwood
Olivia Lemon - Physiotherapist
Olivia Lemon
Physiotherapist, Prospect
Gavin Toyama - Physiotherapist
Gavin Toyama
Physiotherapist, Prospect
Aaron Rutherford - Physiotherapist
Aaron Rutherford
Physiotherapist, Blackwood
Courtney Lehman - Physiotherapist
Courtney Lehman
Physiotherapist, Marryatville & Blackwood
Esther Park - Physiotherapist
Esther Park
Physiotherapist, Marryatville & Blackwood
Jasmine Reynolds - Exercise Physiologist
Jasmine Reynolds
Exercise Physiologist, Blackwood
Peter Kollis - Exercise Physiologist
Peter Kollis
Exercise Physiologist, Prospect
Kate Brown - Practice Manager
Kate Brown
Practice Manager, Blackwood, Marryatville & Prospect
Tiarnie Hillman - Practice Manager
Tiarnie Hillman
Practice Manager, Blackwood
Lisa Kyratzoulis - Administration Coordinator
Lisa Kyratzoulis
Administration Coordinator, Blackwood, Marryatville & Prospect
Dionne Balopitos - Senior Administration Team
Dionne Balopitos
Senior Administration Team, Prospect
Lucinda Pak Poy - Administration Team
Lucinda Pak Poy
Administration Team, Prospect & Marryatville
Macey Porter - Administration Team
Macey Porter
Administration Team, Blackwood
Bree Tranter - Administration Team
Bree Tranter
Administration Team, Blackwood & Marryatville
Paige Matthews - Administration team
Paige Matthews
Administration team, Prospect, Marryatville & Blackwood
Lauren Blake - Administration Team
Lauren Blake
Administration Team, Marryatville
Jessica Wolfendale - Administration Team
Jessica Wolfendale
Administration Team, Prospect
Chantelle Mead - Administration Team
Chantelle Mead
Administration Team, Marryatville & Prospect
Willow Fitzhenry - Administration Team
Willow Fitzhenry
Administration Team, Blackwood, Marryatville & Prospect
Paige Lawton - Administration Team
Paige Lawton
Administration Team, Marryatville & Prospect
Cheryl Bedford - Administration Team
Cheryl Bedford
Administration Team, Blackwood