Hydrotherapy is an effective way of using warm water to assist in rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries.

What makes hydrotherapy so effective is it uses water’s properties to create a fun, interactive environment which can help relieve pain and improve your range of motion. Hydrotherapy can also help increase your strength by pushing against the resistance of the water, allow you to perform exercises that you normally couldn’t on land due to your now buoyant nature and keep your muscles warm and relaxed. Read more

Is knee pain affecting your mobility?

During winter, we often see a lot more knee problems here at The Physio Clinic. The most common complaint is arthritis related knee pain. This can often be debilitating and impact the ability to do the simple activities we love, such as walking the dog, spending time out in the garden or even a short trip to the shops. Read more

Hydrotherapy is the use of water for therapy, rehabilitation, exercise, relaxation and more.

You may have trouble exercising on land due to pain, poor balance or weakness…this is where the water becomes your best friend!

The unique properties of water including the effects of buoyancy and the decreased effects of gravity, enables you to begin you recovery and rehabilitation in a safe and gentle manner. Read more