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Is knee pain affecting your mobility?

During winter, we often see a lot more knee problems here at The Physio Clinic. The most common complaint is arthritis related knee pain. This can often be debilitating and impact the ability to do the simple activities we love, such as walking the dog, spending time out in the garden or even a short trip to the shops.

Some of the reasons why arthritic knee pains are worse during winter relate to the rapid change in temperature and general decline in normal amounts of physical activity, mainly due to rainy days preventing you from going outside and going for a walk.

The result of inactivity is loss of muscle strength, which is important to supporting our weight-bearing joints such as the knees and hips.

Apart from the obvious indoor exercises and gym programs, further options to consider include:

Hydrotherapy: Water based exercises with physio supervision is a great way to exercise safely and comfortably in winter and it’s fantastic for knees. The water is a warm 32 degrees and the buoyancy helps relieve the pressure off your joints. It is recommended is to use hydrotherapy as the first part of a longer exercise program for knee arthritis.

Knee supports: The use of a knee support such as a knee brace can often provide us with the confidence and ability to continue performing everyday activities. This can include velcro supports or simply an elastic pull-on support to take pressure off the joint.

Our experienced physiotherapists can work together with you, to provide you with a brace that will most appropriately address your individual needs.

If you do experience knee aches and pains and would like some extra assistance, please call The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233 or click below to book online.