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Hydrotherapy is the use of water for therapy, rehabilitation, exercise, relaxation and more.

You may have trouble exercising on land due to pain, poor balance or weakness…this is where the water becomes your best friend!

The unique properties of water including the effects of buoyancy and the decreased effects of gravity, enables you to begin you recovery and rehabilitation in a safe and gentle manner.

Physiotherapists use their diagnostic skills, knowledge of anatomy, physiology and exercise prescription to create individual programs specifically addressing your needs and are aimed at achieving your goals and best outcomes. As your skill and fitness level increases, your program will be modified accordingly.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy:

Hydrotherapy can increase strength, fitness, function and range of movement along with decreasing pain and swelling. For some, it helps them sleep, improve mood and aid in weight loss.


How does it work?


This is the lifting effect equal to the amount of water you displace. At neck level, 90% of your weight is supported. Buoyancy is especially important for people who can’t take their whole body weight whether that is due to pain, discomfort or to surgery.

Hydrostatic pressure:

This is pressure exerted by a fluid on anything immersed in it. It acts like a compression bandage around sore, swollen limbs. This is helpful for people who tend to have limb swelling during exercise or who have remaining swelling following injury or surgery.


The warm temperature of our hydrotherapy pools assists muscles to relax and achieve further range. This can help with increasing flexibility and makes the session far more comfortable.

Classes at the Physio Clinic:

If hydrotherapy is of interest to you, speak to your treating physiotherapist to see where it may complement you treatment plan.

If you are a new patient to the clinic, book in with a physiotherapist to discuss your injuries, conditions and goals. From this information, your personalised program can be written and away you go…

Locations and Times:

For your convenience, we have four sites that we use for hydrotherapy:

  • Calvary rehabilitation hospital (Walkerville);
  • Norwood Swim school (Beulah Park);
  • Blackwood fitness (Blackwood);
  • Repat Hospital (Daw Park): and
  • Findon Swim school (Kidman Park).

Convenient class times are available at each site. View timetables here (PDF).