Do you how important the mind is in your recovery? A recent study has reported that people with shoulder pain who expect physiotherapy to help them are likely to have a better recovery than those who expect only minimal or no improvement.

Similar studies have been done in relation to back pain and neck pain with the same outcome but this study is the first one done taking shoulder pain into consideration. Read more

Parkinson’s disease is one of the most common neurological disorders, affecting 40,000 Australians. In most cases, the cause is unknown and signs of the disease occur and progress slowly over time.

It causes difficulty with balance, stiffness in muscles, slowness of movement and may cause a tremor in the hands. The cause of these movement changes is the death of specific cells in the brain that help start movement. Read more

Time seems to when you’re having fun or when you’re not paying attention due to increased work demands.

How often have you caught yourself sitting at your desk, looking up at the clock, only to realise you have been there longer than expected?

Overworking and static posture is a big cause of neck pain and headaches. We spend most of our day looking down: at children, at computers, at our food and this consistent forward posture can cause a buildup of lactic acid (which is the burning feeling you feel at the top of your neck and shoulders) or even muscle fatigue and spasm which can cause headaches. Read more