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Tennis elbow (or lateral epicondylitis) is a term used to describe pain on the outside of the elbow which typically gets worse with gripping and lifting activities. Despite its name, this injury is not only seen in tennis players but also in people whose jobs involve repetitive use of the forearm muscles like electricians, carpenters, computer users, musicians, athletes etc.

What causes Tennis Elbow?

There are various causes as to why this condition occurs, the primary one being overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm with repetitive contractions or tasks. This, over a period of time, results in an increased amount of strain on the tendons in your elbow causing them to become inflamed, painful and weaker.

How do you know if you have Tennis Elbow?

As there are many other causes for pain in the outside of your elbow, your physiotherapist can carry out an assessment to determine the cause of your specific elbow pain.

Some of the common signs are:

  • Pain located on the outside of the elbow which gets worse with repetitive movements, gripping and lifting.
  • Pain located on the outer bony part of the elbow and tightness through the forearm muscles. 
  • In severe cases, the elbow may also become stiff.

How can physiotherapy help?

Once your physiotherapist has assessed the cause and contributing factors to your elbow pain, they can devise a management plan that suits your individual needs. They will then assist in relieving your pain through manual therapy techniques including massage and dry needling. They will also provide you with an individually tailored rehabilitation program to improve your elbow’s strength to get you back to your normal activities in no time. 

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by Urvashi Chhabria