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Have you ever heard the saying, one size fits all. This is definitely not the case when it comes to braces. There are many types of braces for different body areas such as the ankle, elbow, knee or even for the same body part.

Let’s take the knee for example; there are many of types of knee braces all for different injuries. The style, material and amount of support change with each type. See some different types of braces below:

Arthritis sleeve

Good for swelling and inflammation.

Patella Tendon Brace

Good for de-loading your patella tendon.

Stability Brace

Good for after a torn ligament such as an ACL or MCL.

So what is the right brace for me? Great question! Your best option is to come in and see a qualified physiotherapist who will help decide which is the most suitable brace for you. They might even try some taping or “short term brace”, to see if is beneficial before you go and spend the money.

Not sure where to get one? We can order them in at all of our 3 clinics and get them to you within a few days. Book your first appointment to discuss your pain and other symptoms and then get fitted for the correct size and type of brace for you. Then in your second appointment we can then fit the brace and give you advice about when to wear it, adjusting it and cleaning it.

So whether you want to get back to playing sport such as football or soccer with some extra support, return to your hiking group, relieve your pain and swelling or just walk along the beach, Book in with us now.

So you don’t have to race, to get your brace.

Kelsey Lamont – Physiotherapist