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No doubt you have heard the whispers about Private health companies changing their cover so that Pilates will not be accessible with private health insurance. Here at The Physio Clinic we have used this information and other evidence based knowledge to arrange better and more comprehensive exercise classes for you.

This does not mean we are boycotting Pilates but incorporating Pilates exercises into a personalized gym program made for your body and any injuries which accompany it. Physio exercise classes (PEC) can be useful for any age, young or old and for any condition from plantarfascitis, tension headaches, low back pain or exercise after pregnancy.

In our PEC, we still use Pilates apparatus such as the Reformer, a sliding bed connected to a series of springs and Trapeze table, a simple bench with a metal frame and various attachments but this will make up only part of your program. The rest of your program will focus on strength, balance and stretching for improved range of movement.

This combination of exercises is not a bad thing when joined with Pilates because this is similar to when Pilates originated. Joseph Pilates created his physical exercise technique based on yoga, martial arts and body building.

Joseph Pilates was a man born in Germany in 1883. He was a very sick child suffering from asthma, rickets and rheumatoid fever. Joseph however was not going to be held back by his condition and was able to overcome these using athletics and body conditioning programs.

Then in 1912, Joseph went to England to work as a self-defense instructor at Scotland Yard and during WW1 became a prisoner of war. During his time here, Joseph’s talents were put to work rehabilitating bed ridden patients. Joseph asked for exercise equipment but due to hard times was only given 2 spare hospital beds. From this Joseph used the springs to rig up a system, enabling these bed ridden patients to exercise against resistance. Creating the concept we use today on our Trapeze tables and Reformers.

If you are interested in learning Pilates or joining our Physio exercise classes, please call the clinic for your Initial assessment so that a qualified physiotherapist can create an individualized program suited to your body and we can teach you how to use Joseph’s more modern equipment.

Kelsey Lamont – Physiotherapist