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Clients who have decided to proceed with a joint replacement quite often ask us, ‘Is there anything I can do before surgery to help with recovery?’

It is recommended to start a physio program at least six weeks prior to surgery (pending approval from your surgeon).

This will allow adequate time for strength and mobility gains to be achieved, help you recover faster and achieve your goals earlier.

During this time, your physiotherapy team can:

  • Assist with pain management – heat packs, ice, hydrotherapy, hands on treatment and prescribe walking aids if required.
  • Prepare for surgery – educate on what is expected when in hospital, advice on how to manage pain with inpatient physiotherapy and start to plan your home environment for a safe discharge.
  • Strengthening hip and knee muscles – tailored exercises to address any deficiencies in muscle strength which will limit post-operative recovery.

The lead up to surgery is an important time to help increase your outcomes in the long term. We work closely with several orthopaedic surgeons and are experts in the immediate care after surgery as well as months after recovery.

A supervised exercise program has been shown to reduce the chance that you will require extended inpatient rehabilitation care prior to being discharged home after surgery.

Please also refer to our community information sessions called ‘Standing up for Hips + Knees’ where our physiotherapists discuss new treatments, GP guidelines based on latest research and options to consider prior to surgery.

Kristian Ricci – Physiotherapist