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Kelsey graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia in 2016. She has experience working in the rehabilitation industry and enjoys helping people get back to their favourite activities. Kelsey was a swimming teacher for many years and now excels at running hydrotherapy classes in the warmer water.

She enjoys providing treatment to children too and is never seen without a smile on her face! She is currently studying a Diploma in Pilates and enjoys running Physio Exercise Classes (PEC) to help people move and feel better.

Kelsey’s Story

Since the age of 10, I wanted to be a Vet. I grew up with cats, dogs, mice, budgies, chickens, kangaroos and horses and this is where my love of animals began. Throughout high school, I loved all the sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and although I was close, I didn’t get the 99.8 ATAR I needed to get into Veterinary science.

Talking to my mother later that day and feeling hopeless, she asked me, “what did you really enjoy at high school?” I said, “I loved Biology and PE. I found it fascinating to learn all about how the muscles in our body work.”

I remembered telling my mother about a really cool muscle called the ‘sternocleidomastoid’ and how we had to learn how to spell it for the PE exam! Thus, began my journey into the realm of muscles, bones and ultimately, physiotherapy.

I loved my physiotherapy degree however, I was never good at rote learning because I have to really understand something before I can remember it. My grades started to soar when I started placements, this was my strong suit – people. Talking to patients, building a rapport with them and their families, understanding their pain and how it affects their life.

My choice then became what area should I specialise in?

I loved working with children, I had an enormous curiosity for working with patients rehabilitating after a stroke or brain injury, I also enjoyed solving diagnosis puzzles in clinics to work out what was wrong with my patients. In the end, I chose private practice because it would allow me to see different types of people with a range of issues: adults, children, amputees, post-surgery or simply low back pain.

In my first private practice role, my love for helping people grew. To be able to assess, diagnose and treat people meant they could get back to doing their jobs, such as being a Doctor, housewife or hairdresser. This meant I was not only helping someone directly but also helping the community.

In the last few years of my university degree, working full time and going to the gym daily, a niggly low back pain started to rear its ugly head! After seeing multiple physiotherapists, I was recommended to try Pilates. Feeling refreshed and seeing the benefits, my new goal in life was to “get people moving” in a safe, yet fun way. I am currently halfway through a Diploma in Pilates and loving it! Not only do I teach Pilates, I also practice it as often as my busy schedule allows.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, going to the gym with my Fiancé (and lifting more weights than ever thanks to my Pilates training) and completing ‘escape rooms’ with my siblings. My mother says I am a caring physiotherapist, teach the most enjoyable and fun Physio Exercise Classes and will one day own heaps of pets (but I think she’s biased)!

Kelsey Lamont – Physiotherapist