Stroke is usually associated with older people, however this is not always the case. Young stroke is defined by a haemorrhagic (bleed) or ischaemic (blockage) stroke which occurs in an individual aged 18-65 years old. 

The Stroke Foundation reports that in 2020 there were 27,428 Australians who experienced stroke for the first time in their lives. This equates to one stroke every 19 minutes. More than 445,087 Australians are currently living with the effects of stroke. In 2020, 24% of first-ever strokes occurred in people aged 54 years and under. That equates to approximately 20 strokes per day affecting a young person under the age of 65. 

Regardless of age, it is important to recognise stroke and think F.A.S.T

  • F 🡪 Face – has their mouth drooped? 
  • A 🡪 Arms – can they lift both arms? 
  • S 🡪 Speech – is their speech slurred? Can they understand you? 
  • T 🡪 Time – time is vital, if you recognise these signs call 000 immediately
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