What is orthopaedic physiotherapy?

Orthopaedic physiotherapy is the management and treatment of musculoskeletal injury with the aim to re-gain appropriate health and function of the involved joints and muscles.

  • Return to work, sport and life faster
  • Greater pain relief
  • Build strength and endurance

What’s on offer?

Our qualified physiotherapists provide inpatient orthopaedic rehabilitation services post-operatively to patients of Burnside War Memorial Hospital, St Andrew’s Hospital and Calvary North Adelaide Hospital. Following this, post operative rehabilitation is available through our gym, physio exercise classes and hydrotherapy services.

We also provide evidence based pre-operative management and treatment programs to build strength and endurance prior to surgery for improved outcomes post-operatively. Hear about the latest evidence-based treatment and management for hip and knee osteoarthritis (OA) at our Standing Up For Hips + Knees information sessions.

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