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In the rapidly advancing field of physiotherapy, staying ahead with the latest advancement in technology is crucial. We are thrilled to introduce BlazePods to our practice – a smart-reaction training device to elevate your rehabilitation experience. Whether you are managing a neurological condition, recovering for an injury, or looking to support your child’s developmental milestones, BlazePods can be a fun and creative way to make a difference in your rehabilitation journey. 

What Are BlazePods?  

BlazePods are a portable reaction training device, that brings a new dimension to physiotherapy. These small, versatile pods light up in various colours and can be controlled through an easy-to-use mobile app. BlazePods are designed to improve your reaction time, coordination, strength, and overall physical performance through engaging and dynamic exercises. 

Press play to watch one of our paediatric physiotherapists, Ben Barratt, using the BlazePods! To see more videos of the BlazePods in action, visit our Instagram page;

How Are BlazePods Used in Therapy?  

Training with the BlazePods can provide a range of different benefits including: 

  1. Improving Balance and Coordination: BlazePods can be placed on the wall or floor, making them an excellent tool for individuals of all ages to enhance both static and dynamic balance in various positions such as sitting, kneeling, stepping, and reaching. By promoting quick reflexes, BlazePods can also improve reaction times and the coordination of both upper and lower limbs. This dual benefit significantly contributes to better overall balance and coordination. 
  1. Improving Proprioception: Proprioception may be defined as the ability to recognise the position and movement of our body parts in space. For example, it allows us to walk without consciously thinking about where to place our feet next. Accurate proprioception is essential for normal movement and issues can result in imbalance, difficulties walking, unco-ordinated movement and clumsiness. BlazePods provide an interactive and fun way to help our clients improve their proprioceptive skills and, consequently, their overall movement patterns. 
  1. Enhancing reaction time and motor planning: The dynamic nature of BlazePods training has the potential to sharpen reflexes and enhance motor planning skills. This dual benefit can make movements faster, more precise, and better coordinated. Improved reaction time and motor planning are important for both everyday activities and athletic performance and may be particularly helpful for patients with conditions affecting motor function, such as Parkinson’s disease and for children with gross motor delays. 
  1. Increasing therapy engagement, motivation, participation, and mental stimulation: Traditional therapy exercises can sometimes become monotonous. The BlazePods offer bright, light up, interactive pods which allow for ‘gamified exercise’. The goal is to maximise client enjoyment and engagement by capturing the interest of learners and inspire them to continue learning. In short, it keeps each session fun and unique! 

We’re excited to show you the benefits of BlazePods and how they can support your rehabilitation journey. If you, or someone you know is looking for more information about BlazePods or would like to use the BlazePods in our clinic or the community, please contact The Physio Clinic on 8342 1233. 

Written by Ben Barratt | Paediatric Physiotherapist at Prospect