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October is Breast cancer awareness month! 

Being told “you have cancer” can leave you feeling shocked, anxious, upset or confused. At any stage after a cancer diagnosis you may experience a range of emotions such as disbelief, anger and fear. These can be seen as a form  of grief and can leave you not knowing where to turn for help and guidance.

It is important to keep the lines of communication open with your doctors and health professionals. At The Physio Clinic physios have completed additional training in supporting people affected by cancer. We will assess each patient individually and work with you to create a rehabilitation program to suit your particular stage of recovery. Our focus is on individual needs.

This would include:

  • working out what is important and what matters to the patient
  • providing support to the patient as a whole person and not just the cancer diagnosis
  • providing a specialist rehabilitation program dedicated to improving the person’s quality of life, wellbeing and overall health
  • easing pain and muscular tension
  • creating a safe and caring environment
  • improving body confidence and control (Eg: weight and scar management, pelvic floor retraining)
  • optimising physical and functional recovery
  • reclaiming physical strength and endurance
  • avoiding inactivity to prevent deconditioning
  • decreasing stress with encouragement to enjoy activities and catching up with friends, breathing techniques and education
  • integrating back into work and ‘previous life’ goals

A session with the physio will also include::

  • fatigue management
  • exercise prescription
  • education regarding management and medications
  • graduated individual resistance training

Overall, we aim to reduce the long-term side effects of cancer treatment, optimise function and maximise recovery at all stages of this journey (this might be after you are told your cancer is cured, whether it is during remission or if you are living with cancer as an ongoing disease).

If you or any of your loved ones are affected by cancer please reach out as we are here to help.

The Physio Clinic Oncology Rehabilitation Team consists of: · Natalie Bukojemski – Certified PINC (Women’s Cancer) Physiotherapist · Alistair Hayes – Certified STEEL (Men’s Cancer) Physiotherapist · Lauren Swan – Certified PINC (Women’s Cancer) Physiotherapist

By Lauren Swan | Certified PINC (Women’s Cancer) Physiotherapist(1) Foundation for Women’s Cancer