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Heart Week occurred this month.
Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in Australia, causing 1 in 4 deaths and hospitalising one Australian every minute. Many risk factors associated with Heart Disease can be modified with lifestyle changes that will reduce your risk. 

Positively, the incidence of cardiovascular disease is decreasing thanks to research into risk factors, medications and interventions. Modifiable risk factors are things you can change to reduce the risk of developing a condition. For heart disease these include: 

  • Smoking
  • Cholesterol
  • High Blood pressure
  • Physical inactivity 
  • Being overweight
  • Diabetes
  • Stress
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Poor diet

Regular physical activity and exercise are some of the most important things you can do to protect your heart, as it targets several of the risk factors listed above including cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, diabetes and stress. Exercising regularly ensures that your heart muscles are strong and efficient. As little as 10 minutes on most days of the week can result in beneficial changes for your health. 

Choosing activities that you enjoy and exercising with others can be great ways to get started. If you experience any chest pain, dizziness, difficulty breathing or irregular heart beats, stop immediately and seek medical advice.  If you have any pre-existing health issues and would like guidance on getting started with a safe and individualised exercise program, you can book an appointment with our Exercise Physiologist by calling the clinic on 8342 1233 or booking online.

Written by Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Lauren Blake.