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Your first appointment with a manipulative physiotherapist involves an interview and physical examination. The interview helps us to determine which structures are to be examined and how much mobility or movement in that area you can tolerate at present. We then physically examine the areas of interest which may consist of specific muscle and nerve tests, movements, posture and direct palpation of the structures thought to be involved.

Manipulative Physiotherapy examinations and treatment involve a hands on assessment that allows the Physiotherapist to feel the flexibility and texture of your muscles, nerves and joints. It is important to talk to your Physiotherapist about what you feel during the examination as your movements and your symptoms help in determining the problem. Some examinations do require you to remove certain items of clothing in the problem area and related areas of the body. We do provide gowns when required or you can bring a sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

All examinations are very detailed and thorough. Often you will require more that one visit as some injuries take more time to treat and heal.