Samantha graduated from her undergraduate degree in 2014, in India. She then went on to pursue a Masters Degree in Advanced Clinical Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia, finishing in 2016. She has over five and a half years of work experience in musculoskeletal and orthopedic physiotherapy and enjoys working with patients to rehabilitate complex musculoskeletal injuries. Sam’s treatment philosophy follows the mantra  “First start by doing what is necessary, then  what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Sam’s key areas of interest include working with complex musculoskeletal conditions ranging from chronic low back  pain, hip dysfunctions, shoulder conditions and cervicogenic headaches.

She was exposed to physiotherapy at a very young age when she broke the strongest bone in the body, the thigh bone (femur). Ever since, she knew she wanted to help people get back on their feet and can truly understand pain from a patient’s perspective.

When she’s not at work, Sam loves to spend time singing, be it solo or jamming with a group of singers, learning different dance styles and reading. She also loves the outdoors and enjoys a good hike and leisure walks by the beach whilst watching the sunset.