Kelsey is a physiotherapist at our Prospect clinic. She has worked for The Physio Clinic for the past two years, and especially loves running our Physio Exercise Classes and Hydrotherapy sessions. Kelsey is never seen without a smile on her face, and her positive, kind and compassionate nature shines through in her treatment philosophy – she loves to do whatever she can to help people to return to their favourite activities.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia in 2016. I’ve worked in the rehabilitation industry for 5 years, have been teaching swimming and hydrotherapy for 8 years and have recently completed my Diploma in Pilates.

I chose to become a physio because in year 11 I fell in love with muscles! In particular the “sternocleidomastoid”, a muscle in your neck which you needed to be able to spell in in order to pass your exam (hard right?). I then started learning about which muscles need to contract/shorten in order for you to have a drink of water. There are heaps! And you don’t even think about, your brain just does it for you- You think “I’m thirsty” and Bad-a-Bing you have picked up your water, coffee, wine and taken a sip. After this, choosing a career in physiotherapy was a no brainer- a job where you get to touch muscles, fix broken ones, and make them work at optimum capacity, perfect!

My treatment philosophy is that I really enjoy helping people get back to their favourite activities. Whether this is tennis, hiking, reading or even running after your grandchildren, why should you not be able to do activities which make you happy because you’re in pain?

My main areas of interest are:
· Hydrotherapy
· Pilates
· Children’s physiotherapy

Outside of work, I love exercising through yoga, weightlifting or Pilates, spending time with my naughty Kelpie x staffy puppy and if I am not with my friends or family I am usually curled up in front of the TV or with a good book on the couch.

· I was a firefighter for 7 years.
· My personal best for a squat is 95kg.
· I got married in 2019 in the same place I had my first date with my husband 5 years prior.